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REUNITED - for Mom and Dad

REUNITED is Cory Legendre’s upcoming album, written and produced by Cory Legendre, David Alan Johnson, Chas Evans and Master One Studio. This album takes you on the storytelling journey of family, love and loss – through the telling of the story of Dad’s passing, the family’s journey to recovery, into the story of the loss of his Mom and what comes hereafter for the ones left behind. In the release of this album, he hopes that it will help others find closure and healing.

The first single, Dressed in Black, releases March 12th, 2024 on the anniversary of his Dad’s passing. The second single, Live Life All The Way, releases April 19th, 2024 on his Mom’s first birthday in the afterlife. REUNITED, the album, releases July 24th, 2024, on his parents first “reunited” anniversary in the life beyond.

To learn more about REUNITED, visit https://cory.live/reunited

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