Cory Legendre: The Voice America Needed

Cory Legendre is not a politician. He never claimed to be. But a simple hashtag, #UniteNotFight, became part of
2020’s biggest political movements. Following the success of the #UniteNotFight campaign to better America,
Cory Legendre started the #SavingAmerica movement & a show with itsyourradio to go alongside this new movement.

After #UniteNotFight and #SavingAmerica, the last message Cory Legendre has to push before the 2020 elections,
a message he says is the most important one: #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt — because it does!

Here’s a direct statement from Cory Legendre:


his political future

Cory Legendre has not ruled out a run for office in the future depending on how his health situation plays out. 
He has said that if his health returned to a place where he could travel, work and be fully active again, he wouldn’t
think twice before a political run. So many people across social media have said that Cory Legendre is the voice
that America needed, and that he is the perfect voice for the moment we’re in right now.