Books: Cory Legendre on Paper

Cory Legendre’s books, such as the famed commentary from his ever-popular Twitter feed (@corylegendre) 
are available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major retailers.

the tweet books

Cory Legendre made a splash on social media when he took to Twitter. The sometimes off-the-wall, always un-cut and unedited thoughts,
directly from his fingers on his iPhone to his followers and fans. Some of the things said, you’d think would get a person in trouble,
but when you’re Cory Legendre, each tweet only garners more love & attention – with every post, becoming more beloved by all.

@corylegendre: 2013 and @corylegendre #2014 dive into some of Cory’s best tweets, retweets and the 
commentary that explains why
he decided to tweet or retweet certain things. These books also dive into some personal moments in his life that made their way to social
media, such as the famous tweet in 2014: “Don’t lick the bat.” You’ll have to buy the book to know what that’s all about!